How to book a session

Keep in mind , I get a lot of mail and require efficient communication
I will  limit back and forth mailing to a maximum of 6 mails(that is 3 each), so make sure you strive to put all relevant information and all your questions in the first mail. 1sentence mails like  'i want a session' will be completely ignored. I am not your whatsapp buddy. Keep in mind that i require a deposit, if this is a problem, don t write me at all . We will not come to the 'privacy issues', 'i have no bankaccount', 'i don t have paypal' conclusion in the 30th mail.  Do not initiate writing me in case you have a problem with depositing.
-put the city in title
-write me in the first mail who you are, what you want,your fantasy experiences,hard limits , availability in hours and dates

Kandy Legs and Emma Switch meet again

this time it will be Kandy s first introduction to bondage wrestling 

both girls are nude, the vibe is playful.  Like so often with Emma s messiness  ropes get entangled

to 1 big knot

but nonetheless 1 person will still end  tied up  .


PUMPED  VASCULARITY     flexing and pumping my biceps , see those veins!      a competitive fight in octagon!