Welcome interested person,

I m a sessionwrestler and dominatrix , currently residing in Chicago area, i offer a wide spectrum of services  from  wrestling to muscleworship to domination and  lots of other fetishes. 

Wrestling sessions

I'm a very physical person. I train weights and BJJ intensively for almost a decade, strength, skill and speed makes me a threat for the biggest opponent I offer wrestling, from competitive to fantasy, one-sided beatdowns, belly punching, mutual or one sided, trampling, lift and carry (weight limit of 75 kg), sleepers or KO ‘s, ballbusting and in case I forgot something, just ask.

BDSM sessions

I have 17 years experience , but since  I ve moved  to US i no longer own a dungeon 

nonetheless :

I offer a great variety of play


-needle play

-corporal punishment




-anal play

-latex play 


and if you have a very specific fantasy that i didn t mention, feel free to tell me more , i would love to explore it.


I work on an appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled daily from morning to late evening. To make an appointment I prefer you would email (city in title)or phone me. I will not provide you with information, nor book sessions by SMS, unless we have met before. I prefer bookings at least a week  in advance in order to allow time to discuss your fantasy/the session. This is important to me as I dont enjoy standard ‘fit for all’ sessions. Before and after the session there will be time and place to discuss, have a drink and come back to reality.


I travel monthly to several countries/cities.

Travelling I do require a deposit. Furthermore it is important to book in as son as you can, if nobody books in early on, I might cancel the travelplan If your city is not announced, (and it is a big city , or somewhere where I ve been before; feel free to propose me a date for your city (at least a month in advance) and I will check if I can come. Also to smaller, unpopulair or other continents you could request me, but in that case , I might require sponsorship or at least a long session.


Keep in mind , I get a lot of mail and require efficient communication

I will  limit back and forth mailing to a maximum of 6 mails(that is 3 each), so make sure you strive to put all relevant information and all your questions in the first mail. 1sentence mails like  'i want a session' will be completely ignored. I am not your whatsapp buddy. Keep in mind that i require a deposit, if this is a problem, don t write me at all . We will not come to the 'privacy issues', 'i have no bankaccount', 'i don t have paypal' conclusion in the 30th mail.  Do not initiate writing me in case you have a problem with depositing.

-put the city in title

-write me in the first mail who you are, what you want,your fantasy experiences,hard limits , availability in hours and dates